Setting Up a Free WordPress.Com Blog

1.  Setting up blogs in WordPress. com is free. But you can’t use the domain name of your choice. Your blog’s url will be For example, this blog’s url is

If you want to use the domain name of your choice, you have to use wordpress. org and pay to have your blog hosted. While the cost of hosting these blogs is nominal, setting them up isn’t easy and requires someone who is a programmer. I am not a programmer but I use a great guy who lives in India. He isn’t able to give you a quote until after you have emailed him about your requirements. I will forward your requests to him in the beginning. (

2. To set up your blog, go to Sign up and remember the username you choose is permanent. You can have man blogs with this username. But one email address can only be used once with each username.

3. I always recommend having a notebook that you keep all your blog details in. Be sure to write down your username and password.

4. After you have your blog set up, you will be on the dashboard. This the place where you will choose everything for your blog. The first thing I do when I am starting a new blog, is to go down on the left-hand column and choose appearance. This is where you will the theme for how your blog will look.

5. To help you and give you ideas for your blog theme, I took some of my blogs and put a different theme on each so that you could get an overview of some of the themes. Click on heading or page Coral Cay Blogs List. (In case you didn’t know when the type online changes color that means you can click there for a direct link to whatever page it is linked to.)

6. After you have chosen a theme, you can begin to write about anything you choose. Click on new post, write it, and then publish it. You now have a blog!

7. For ideas, read How to write a post 1 (even if you can’t write) and How to write a post 2.

8.  The best way to learn about your blog is to practice and you will learn that blogging is very easy.

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