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Tutorials are a great way to learn about most computer/Internet subjects. I will be adding several here with the links. Some may be too simple or too difficult for you depending on your skill set at this point. But I will introduce all as a post to refer to in the future.

Remember, the WordPress tutorials are only for–the blogs you create or have a programmer create for you. has widgets you can use but you can’t add anything. We will use the components listed by only.

1. WordPress tutorials–short-clip training videos, graduated learning via 5 volumes of videos, learn via video FAQs, get questions answered vit comunity central, learn via podcasts and teleseminars, learn via video conferencing, and/or learn visually via process maps. Subscription is due quarterly or yearly.

2. Do you need a writer for your content? Just as real estate is location, location, location; blogs are content, content, content. Content is king so you need a lot of content for interesting blogs. You can hire writers several places including hiring virtual assistants. One of the cheapest places to hire writers is at

3. SachinKRai–get something useful from the web. This site is for the more advanced blogger.

4. DemoDemo–has a huge amount of tutorials on subjects of interest to everyone. I have added the link to Internet tutorials.

5. WebReference–one if the best webmaster sites.

6. BlogBasics is just as the domain name says–blogging for beginners.

7. Niche blogging tutorials by DoshDosh includes the lazy or smart blogger’s way to create content for niche blogs.

8. Blogging 101 has good, basic beginning understanding of blogs. This site includes history of blogs, parts of a blog, read/write blogs, find blogs, create blogs, and readings about blogs (more articles in other sites).

9. Blogging by Eduslide (a site where you can make your own lessons using includes how blogging works, how Blogger works, creating your blogger account, getting help with blogger, configuring your blog settins, blog hosting options (I use BlueHost for, etc. This is a large learning site.

10. Personal Blogger has great blog information. You may be interested in how to create your online identity.


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