How to Write a Post 1 (Even if You Can’t “Write”)

The person I am writing for in CoralCayBlogs is the beginning or new blogger. I want to inspire and encourage those persons who mistakenly think that they can’t “write”. In this series of posts, I want to show you how easy it is for anyone with a computer or access to a computer to blog. The main asset you own is the long life you’ve lived (if you are over 30). You are a collection of experiences, relationships, hobbies, interests, abilities, opinions, ideas, and interests. From all those parts of you, list 20 things you would like to explore or define. Writing blogs means doing research on the Internet about those subjects you would like to know better.

(1)  Write down 20 or 50 subjects you would like to explore. Keep this list in a notebook you will start about your blogs. I have tried many but the tools that work the best for me are lose-leaf notebooks that you can insert a title to on the spine of the notebook. The reason for me that fixed notebooks don’t work is that if I want to rearrange pages, I can’t in a fixed notebook.

(2)  The other main tool that works for me are clipboards. I have 6 and may get more. On the clipboards, I keep to do lists or future plans. The reason I use several is to vary my work depending on my interests that day. I recycle the used paper from my printer but only use the extra pages that are printed out. I can’t read my writing on the back of a fully printed page. I learned the clipboard system from the Navy when I worked at Guantanamo Bay.

(3)  The other tools I use are great pens for my to do lists. I have never found typing to do lists to be effective for me. The main pen I use and buy by the dozen at Office Depot is Jimnie Gel Rollerball by Zebra. I also use is a great red ink pen. I have ones by Sharpie (get the ones that don’t bleed on to the next page), Pilot Bravo (my favorite), and Flair pens (which I’ve used for years—you used to have to go an art supply store for them). The red pen is to underline or check off my to do lists. What a sense of power is involved with using a red pen.

(4)  For today, I am going to write about writing one post for your blog. I am using the subject of grief support as we may be able to help someone dealing with grief. For this post, I will dedicating it to James for Anya. Because I like to keep my posts about 500 words, I am going to write a separate post showing the steps for writing the post.


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