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How Blogs Have Changed My Life

By Freewine

This is a reprint from a post I did 7/29/05.

Two excellent articles in Fortune Magazine report my favorite aspects of blogging.The articles are entitled “10 Tech Trends” and “Want Truth in Advertising? Try a Blog.”

The reasons I love blogs are:

(1) I have a world of experts at my fingertips. In the past 10+ years that I have been reading blogs, I have not made any purchases for our home or for personal use, read any books, watched any movies, done any research without consulting my free experts in each field.

(2) I feel powerful again in the knowledge that individual people do have power over the world we live in (for example, the Trent Lott experience.)  I love the way that blog writers know that those reading their site have the ability to talk back. When was the last time you talked back to the TV or the newspaper?

By the way, I live in the Ft. Lauderdale area and newspapers here are feeling the heat. The last time I gave it up, the newspaper called with an offer of $1.50 for the week for 6 months. I did say yes to that. I am worth more to the newspaper as a reader of their ads (which I’m not) than as a reader of their content. I also get the news seconds old on my RSS news sites including NYT, BBC, etc.Why do I pay for the newspaper? I love the human interest already available for me to read.

(3) I never was a huge user of email. It works great for business but is labor-intensive for personal relationships. I prefer people in person. But with my blog I send out my messages to the world of many readers so it is quite a time saver. Also, since the people reading my blog can answer me back for all to read, I get instant feedback if I choose to.

(4) My fourth reason to love blogs is that we live in a “sound-bite world”. Posts to blogs are generally short. Over the years, although I read a lot, I started long ago seeking out the best parts of the book and skipping the rest. Blogs simplify this for me by having titles. RSS feeds are amazing as I can choose to receive a short explanation with each title. Did I mention again that they are free?