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Beginning Tips for Your Blog

Using makes setting up a blog easy.

(1)  Any time you work on your computer and/or your blog always have notebooks or paper and pen handy so that you write down usernames, passwords, etc. I use the smaller legal pads and have several of them available at each computer. I reason I use several at the same time is that I use one legal pad for one main idea or for one blog at a time. I’ll write more about this later.

(2)  Go to Click on sign up now. CAUTION: The username you choose now can’t be changed so choose something easy for you to remember. ALSO: Write your username and password down in your notebook. You may choose to have more than one WordPress,com account. BUT: You can only use your email address for one account. So going carefully down will save you from more work later.

(3) After you finish this sign-up, you can add as many blogs as you like to this one account. BUT: They will all be on this same account.

(4)  Before you move on with WordPress, you may choose to sign-up for a free Yahoo account. This may be a good idea if you want to keep your blog experience separate from your main email. To set up Yahoo, sign in to Complete the Yahoo registration. Click on New here? Sign up at the top of the Yahoo site. Choose another username(your Yahoo ID) which also will be permanent. BE SURE: to write it down. A general rule of thumb–usernames can’t be changed. After you have completed the registration, sign in to Yahoo. CAUTION: For Yahoo, you type in your complete Yahoo ID so include

(4)  I have created a dummy site for myself so that I can follow the choosing a new blog right with you. In order to do that I signed up for a new free email account to use with my new account. I named my new account with this username: mycoralcay. So the url for this blog is This is the address I would give to others so that they can read my blog. Because the blogs are free, you will always have wordpress in the url.

(5)  EXTRA information: sites are all free. How wordpress makes money is to place ads directly on your site. You cannot choose the ads. We will talk about Google Ads in another post. BUT you can’t put any ads of your choosing on blogs.

(6)  After you have set up your blog, fill in the about page about yourself. The dashboard is the page that will be your starting page. Click on posts to begin writing in your blog. There is a starting post there entitled “Hello world”.  Under hello world, for each post, you can choose to edit it–quick edit it–delete it–or view it. I delete mine and add an opening welcome as a new post.

(7)  Finally, you may choose to put your posts into categories. Click on categories, under add category type in the category name and then click on add category.


Is Blogging the Same as Writing a Journal?

I have always resisted the benefit of journaling because I have been afraid to go into that "perfect person" that is one of my personas. I have believed that journaling had little to offer me. However, I love to blog and learn a lot about myself as I "post" new articles. Is blogging journaling? Well, yes and no (my favorite kind of answer).

However, I started this my main  blog,, during Thanksgiving, 2004, and I love blogging. For the years that I have been in recovery since 1976, I have studied and researched about all aspects of personal growth. The main aspect about blogging that suits me is that although I have 5 file cabinets full of material, with blogging I only have to write a "post" which is generally 3-10 paragraphs for me.

As all who have blogs that they update regularly know, a blog that has a general direction and particular messages takes a lot of work. I have been astonished to find myself working on my blog 10-12 hour days. Of course, organizing material collected over a 30+ year period takes a lot of time. The rewriting and reorganizing are also time-consuming.

But it truly has been a labor of love.  I am doing what I have wanted to do for years–expressing myself about ways that we can help each other grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I love helping people to learn new ways to express themselves. Blogs can have several authors so you may want to have a family blog or a friends blog. I can help get started and I can help you expand as you learn the basics.

"We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another."

Luciano de Crescenzo

The Many Ways to Blog

Blogging is as unique as humans are unique. We each is an individual so the way we write will be unique. One of my favorite bloggers (who I found through his personal Christian blog) is Darren Rowse. I don’t read him often as our paths are going in separate directions but I love that he takes the time to teach us how to be impassioned about blogging.

He has listed 20 types of blogs (I am unable to link to problogging due to B5media problem but his site is so that we may experiment with different forms. The types he lists are: (1) instructional, (2) informational, (3) reviews, (4) lists, (5) interviews, (6) case studies, (7) profiles, (8) link posts, "problem" posts, (9) contrasting two options, (10) rant, (11) inspirational, (12) research, (13) collation posts, (14) prediction and review posts, (15) critique posts, (16) debate, (17) hypothetical posts, (18) satirical, (19) memes and projects, and (20) case studies.

While doing the research for the 50+ books I selected for the Changemaker Library, I realized that I love writing about good books. I have been reading for 60 years so I have a long history of what books can influence lives.

The main interest of my life for the last 30 years has been following the God of my understanding. I am a born-again Christian with no formal church ties. I was raised in the Presbyterian Church and thank God and my mother for the opportunity of having sung in the church choir for years. I use those hymns over and over in my meditative walks. I realize my motive for being in the choir was to sit up in the front of the church because I love watching people. I went to a "revival" in another town with some friends and had a spiritual experience. I believe I was 15 or 16 (which would have been 1955-56) and it felt so right for me to be feeling this way. There was a wonderful man, Mr. Parsons, from my home church there and I knew that the strong feelings I was having weren’t from fear. However, for the next 20 years,I followed the way of the world until 1976. As I have written in other posts, in 1976, I had what I later learned was a radical conversion–a moment that changed my life.

I am a person who believes everything is as it should be. This statement helps to remind me of how little control I have over most things that happen. I can choose my response to experiences but I practice letting go of the rest.

So I am taking another direction for this blog. I will be writing about the books I love. I don’t do book reviews as I think they are generally too long. I give the book title, the author, the ISBN number and a link to Amazon to buy it. I do belong to Amazon Associates so I receive a very small sum from Amazon if you buy from the books highlighted on the columns of my blog. However, the direct links to Amazon from my posts aren’t attached to my Amazon associate name.

All the books that I recommend are strictly my choice without influence from anyone else. Along with the essentials listed above for the book, I include a description of the contents of the books and include a selection form the book based on what I believe is the author’s "message" for the book. I will begin these book posts tomorrow, Nov. 20, 2007.