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About Coral Cay Blogs

Coral Cay Blogs is a meeting place for people interested in learning how to develop avenues of income. The income may come from products for sale or from offering ads on blogs. In order to simplify the blogging world, I will introduce terms that you may wish to further learn from your own study. I will give you a direct link to articles or sites about making money from blogging.

When you first begin to blog, if you were like me, you have never considered yourself to be a writer. But blogs are about writing posts–generally 200-600 words. So instead of a marathon, you will writing as a sprint. As this post at 37 signals suggests we solve big problems by paying attention to small things. Take your interests and list each one on a separate page. Then break down each interest into a series of smaller topics. Then begin writing on one of the smaller components. If you still seems larger than 200-600 words, break it down into smaller topics.

You will find in studying blogs that some writers write really long posts. A few of these writers I follow but generally in my “sound-bite” world, I prefer to read many authors with shorter posts. You can do what you want–it is your blog.

And this is the reason that blogging is recognized as being bigger than Gutenberg’s printing press. Blogging made each of us our own publisher. From blogs to sound blogs–podcasts–we became our own radio station. Then we became our own television station with video blogs–like YouTube.

In a side note here, someone asked a blogger if blogging was a fad. And the blogger said, “Yes, if 60-80 million bloggers decided to quit at the same time.”

About this blog:

When I decided to put an ad in the Coral Cay Newsletter, I hadn’t created this blog yet. So after I dropped off the ad to Patsy, I came home and began this blog. This blog took 20 hours form to construct. The added posts take 20-60 minutes.

You can set up a blog in 15-20 minutes in or Creating the rest of the blog is where the work comes in.

Remember to divide and conquer–turn your blog into mini-topics to create the whole. “Life is hard by the yard–but a cinch by the inch.”

I will be following up with tips for writing and blogging–that is why I called this post 1.

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How to Make Money Blogging From Three Great Blogs

By borman818

In an article I used previously, Mark Penn writing in The Wall Street Journal, writes about the profession of blogging, reported that of the 20 million bloggers in the united States, 1.7 profit from blogging and 452,000 are using blogging as their main source of income. Making money blogging is easier than you can imagine if you are interested.

1.  Have a plan. A business plan may also be an effective step to begin with. Gina Trapani has a great plan that she calls a personal business plan model. The reason I like her model is that those of us who work out of our homes do have business lives blended with our personal lives. In her model, Gina came up with a 30/30/30/10 model. She divided her work time life into a pie with 30% spent in learning, 30% for money, 30% for love, and 10% spent on admin needs. I especially really love this because, as one who has been operating for 3 years without a clear-cut plan, I tend to want to spent 90% of my time learning. I have learned that the excessive need to “research” is a procrastination tool to avoid finished and then failing or succeeding. The fear of failure and the fear of success are really the same. They each avoid results. She leaves the room for love to create products that is meaningful.

2.  Do what you love. Keywords and SEO have a place for writers but can’t be the beginning choice of material that is passionate and alive. Many authors have written about “flow“. I have written about it. Skellie, one of my favorite, favorite bloggers, who describes herself as “a blogger, writer, occasional entrepreneur, sometime freelancer and Envato worker-bee”, has written these suggestions for finding your flow. She suggests: (1) you must be challenged, but not too much; (2) you must be doing  creative mental work; and (3) you must see great value in the work.

This post of Skellie’s was entitled, “Find your flow and the money will follow.” The main part of this article was her take on the best way to make a living from blogging. Great article!

3.  Darren Rowse at Problogger has a guest blogger, Shaun Connell from Learn Financial Planning, who writes about blog business models. In this post, Shaun suggests choosing from three types of business plans. the three concepts with the questions he recommends are:

  • Content Model. “Who will write your content? How often will your content be published? What’s the purpose of every article? Will you do straight-up blogging, or a little bit of traditional webmastering? Will you be doing “open-ended blogging” without an “end date” for your content to be roughly finished? Will you accept guest posts?”
  • Marketing Model. “Almost all traffic is good, but what kind will you focus on? Will you build links? Will you pay for ads? Will you write guest posts? Will you spend a majority of your time doing keyword research? Will you focus on social media?”
  • Monetization Model. “Some “gurus” claim the need to focus on content now, and think about monetization later. That’s risky, and for many small niches it’s a little naive. Will you use AdSense? What affiliate programs will you focus on? How will you get visitors from your “regular posts” to your money-making posts? Will you focus your web design on usability?”

On a personal note, I have focused the most on planning as I have six blogs that I have worked on for four years without making a profit. I did make the tough choice to not include comments three years ago. I made that decision as I was able to delay making money as my husband has supported us. Also I wanted the tome and focus to be on getting all that I wanted to publish. So now, I am finding ways to expand my market. Planning is my biggest use of my blogging time now.