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A Social Media Primer

Social media is growing so fast, it is difficult to get a broad, general overview of the field. Today I have chosen some resources for those who are new to the concept.

Slideshare is a place where you can save your slide presentations. The following are about social media.

(1)  Vanina Delobelle is the global product director at Monster. She has created a slideshare offering her slideshow of Social Media for Dummies. Slidespace allows you to upload your presentations so that others can download them if they choose. You can add audio to create a webinar. Plus you can share your slideshows privately or publicly. You can also launch a widget of your presentations to put on your own blog. To get a pack for yourself, go to the widgets page.

(2)  “Blowing Up” Social Networks by Going Open is David Recordon’s talk at FOWA London 2008 about the open web, social networks and other cool stuff he cares about.

(3)  In the “Social network websites: best practices from leading services” provides a general background for understanding social network websites. It is meant to be a beginning study that can be added to. There are 79 slides in this presentation. A download file is provided. The author, Faber Novel, has other slideshows here including a Facebook Study.

Indeed (one search, all jobs) is a job search site that has a graph of the growth of social media, social networking, web 2.0, and blogs jobs. The graph covers Jan. 1, 2005 until Aug. 31,2008 and shows the growth of the four fields from zero (0%) jobs on Jan. 1, 2005 until today with the statistics taken from the search terms from job seekers using indeed.

Jeremiah Owyang, whose blog–Web Strategy by Jeremiah, should be at the top of your RSS reader if you love social media, has a huge list of social computing and community managers for enterprise corporations 2008–social media jobs and professionals.