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Excerpt from my “Why I Needed Squidoo”:

I don’t know if I was born for Squidoo or Squidoo was made for me. I do know that I have found my favorite vehicle–a place to practice target marketing. I believe that everyone is in sales. By that I mean we are each trying to get our personal agenda met every day. So how do you make sales easy? Find your target market and people buy from you because you are providing them a service to buy what they want. I began my main blog, (Changemaker: Reinventing Yourself), in November, 2004. After writing daily for 10-12 hours for over 2 years, I came to believe that the blog had too much information. I had decided during the first few months of blogging that I didn’t have the time to write about all I’ve learned in thirty years of recovery and answer comments.

Knowing that I would be in for a long, lonely road without comments didn’t deter me from the decision to exclude comments. I have always posted my email address and posted several times about new directions the blog was entering. Of course, my choice brought me no traffic. Although I have been consistently and continually online for over two years, I have no traffic. I read a lot of blogs that have high readership audiences and have never regretted my choice.

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