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How to Write a Post 2

Although I am going to show how to write a post even if you can’t "write" by using delicious, many other resources exist for research.

(1) On, type in grief support on the search bar.

(2) From my bookmarks on delicious, I will be using the following links: centering corporation, Kara grief support,, the Bright Side, beyond indigo, and goodgriefresources. These links I have saved from prior searches. Delicious also brought up 194 other links.

(3)  The post:

Grief is a necessary part of love. From the grief, we receive compassion, humility, gratitude and depth. Avoiding entirely the grieving process only means that the next grieving will be harder. Certainly, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s model of grieving can be a tool. She identified five stages of grief in her work with dying patients. The stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

The Centering Corporation site includes sibling grief, teen grief, adult grief resources, children and grief, infant loss, death of a child and other resources and specials for sympathy cards and other resources.

Kara grief support site has videos and caregiver support and resources. Also included are good suggestions for helping someone suffering from loss. Their mission is to offer peer support and education to individuals, families and organizations coping with death and dying. "where grace happens" has groups which operate email support groups 24-hours/day available 365 days a year. Members participate when they wish and not at a set time. When one member sends an email message, everyone in the group receives a copy. New groups are formed when there is a need for them and can be set up for $5.00 per month.

The Bright Side provides educational materials, articles by top experts, personal stories, and other resources to help cope with depression, grief, suicide, or whatever mental or emotional difficulty you or your loved one may be experiencing. The subjects here are: suicide watch, felling down, coping with loss, a happier me, safe stress, aging well, the learning tree, creative minds, getting help, news and events, make a difference, thank you and search.

Beyond indigo has channels for children and grief, grief support, death and the spirit, funerals and customs, healing from all losses, sudden and violent death and caregiving and illness. This site has five supports of find a buddy now, light a candle, share your story, talk on our boards (forums) and post a heart of hope. It features a peace corner, experts, and quizzes. The store has remember pins, pet brochures, grieving gifts, pet loss gifts and healing help. It also has stories about grief and loss. Several memorials are included.

The good grief resources site has a scientific survey to help understand the relationship between the use of humor and laughter while healing from the grief following the death of a loved one. Nancy Weil is conducting the survey. The site also includes a loss and meaning study being conducted by the Counseling Psychology program at The University of Memphis. It includes several resources such as camps for kids, conferences, counselors, hospice, speakers, support groups and training.  (End of the post.)

As you can see, I used much of the original content from the sites. I have very carefully given credit to the original sites. But by giving an overview of the site, I have allowed the reader the choice of reading the site or moving on to the next one. Blogs increase the traffic or readership by including links to other sites.